I have always been fascinated and passionate about fragrances, candles, lotions, and all bath care products. As soon as the newest product was put on the store shelf it was also on my shelf at home. Even though I am the owner of a business that involves fragrances I still cannot help myself when I am in a store to find out what they carry. Then one day I started reading the ingredients and finding out what they were and researching them. I started finding out about organic lotions and buying and trying them. I found some beautiful lines of body care that were great but also costly to the normal consumer. I set out to find a line of body care that was affordable, and that men and women could make an easy transition to. Especially an organic one! For health reasons it should be number one, but the products have to feel right when going on. The fragrances need to be light enough for the layering effect or to use alone as your personal fragrance. A couple of the reasons I started making candles 3 years ago was that I was finding candles that smelled good in the store but when you burned them there was no scent throw. Also, I was tired of having so much wax still in the jar when it was finished. I started researching the kinds of wax that were being used and realized how safe the 100% soy wax really is.


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Siesta Key Village Farmers Market, 8 AM to 1 PM
Siesta Key Village, Shopping Plaza of Davidson’s Drugs
Year Round Market

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Check to see if I will at the above markets (due to weather) by calling Mary at 941-704-5511.

Organic Bath Care and Soy Candles

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