We are committed to quality, value, service and innovation with a healthy planet in mind.  Take advantage of our two recycling programs.   “Returning bottles for refills” for bath care and fragrance products and our “candle jar and reed diffuser recycling program”.  A special price is included with this.  Bath care and fragrance refills can be made while staying with the original scent and product chosen.  This is to benefit customers and protect the integrity of the product and fragrance.

Blissful Essence Soy Candles and Organic Bath Products

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Blissful Essence is a natural bath care company with a line of soy candles, reed diffusers, shea butter creams, and lavender dryer sachets.  Mary Arndt launched the business in 2008 after spending the previous year developing her product line.

Mary’s mission was to create a line of quality and environmentally friendly products.  Her passion with fragrance enables customers to choose their scent for many products in the Blissful Essence Line.  I continue to search, test, and try new products to offer!

Please see our extensive list of fragrances that include many perfume and essential oils to choose from.  Our fragrance collection consists of unique, everyday favorites and a Signature Line that has been developed by Mary.

We look forward to seeing you on your next visit to Blissful Essence, your Fragrance Blending Shoppe.  Please support the many local and sustainable businesses available to you.

Organic Bath Care and Soy Candles

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